I went back to the States and met some friends at a bar. They started teasing me for dressing like a ‘Euro-fag.’ Why? Because I was wearing ‘skinny jeans’ – aka clothes that actually fit my body. I looked around, and they were all wearing matching outfits: loose-fit shirts and loose-fit trousers, combined with active outerwear from Columbia, Patagonia or North Face – because you never know when you might need to climb a mountain in Chicago.


Up next was the panel. I was invited to sit onstage with a Chinese law student, a Turkish telecom entrepreneur, a Polish consultant, and a Dutchman, who was former head of international investment for Rabobank. What started off as a panel quickly turned into an impassioned monologue by Mr. Rabobank. He agreed that the Dutch are non-hierarchical by nature, and – in his experience – that’s why they are a nation of followers. ‘We don’t need a seminar on management; we need a seminar on leadership! We have enough managers – look at the Dutch Cabinet! Who will have the courage to stand up and lead?’

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Awkward Company Names

Photos below by Greg Shapiro


‘No, they’re not photoshopped.
From “Sick Man’s Snackhouse” to “Black Kids for SALE” these signs have been taken from real life.’